Top 5 articles: America's multiparty system

And the rise of the Nobody.

The top 5 articles for the week of 17 November

  1. “What if the U.S. Were a Multi-Party Democracy?” (Echelon Insights)

    Because this is just plain-old fascinating. Check out the various parties and where people would most likely fall.

  2. “I Spent Years Searching for Magic—I Found God Instead” (Catapult)

    Because this essay from Tara Isabella Burton is lovely, interesting, reflective.

  3. “The Democrats Are Moving Left. Will America Follow?” (Washington Post)

    Because it’s 32 perspectives reflecting on this question.

  4. “Even Nobodies Have Fans Now.” (New York Times Magazine)

    Because the podcast really is a strange phenomenon.

  5. “‘Welcome to Europe. Now Go Home.’” (The Atlantic)

    Because we’re now several years into the huge migration move into Europe, and Greece has been the main recipient. It’s…kind of a mess.

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