New Report on Christianity, Pluralism and Public Life in the United States

What I learned from in-depth conversations with over 50 Christian leaders


I am excited to share with you Christianity, Pluralism and Public Life in the United States: Insights from Christian Leaders, a new report I co-authored with Wheaton College professor Amy Black, in partnership with The Trinity Forum and with the generous support of the Democracy Fund. The report will be released publicly at an event hosted by The Trinity Forum today at the National Press Club. The report is available online at

Christianity, Pluralism and Public Life in the United States: Insights from Christian Leaders is based on in-depth interviews with more than 50 Christian leaders in the country from a wide array of theological, denominational, racial and political backgrounds. It includes insights, tools, cautions and recommendations regarding Christianity and America’s increasingly pluralistic context, and rather uniquely puts diverse Christians in conversation with one another. I am not aware of another effort that draws from this broad a range of Christian leaders for insights pertaining to faith and our social fabric. I would point you specifically to the introduction for key takeaways from the report (pg. 4-5), and then to the closing section entitled “Finding a Way Forward” (pg 43-49) for the report’s recommendations. 

My hope is that the report will be a valuable contribution to the thinking and actions of leaders across a wide variety of institutions in America—religious, political, philanthropic, media and others—as well as our civic life overall.

Let me know if there’s a way you think we could partner around this effort. I think this work is tremendously important to the future of our nation.